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    Ending the year strong!

    Well, we've entered our second year at the current location of Double Phelix Sound! Surely, if you're reading this, you have seen the pictures of our big, beautiful tracking room. So, we're excited to announce a Double Phelix Double Header! Join us Friday, December 6th and Saturday, December 7th at our studio for a weekend of music in Michigan! Tickets are $10/night, or $15 for both nights. We'll have some local brew, and four different sets of music per night, featuring new songs from Lasso, Miglo Stanley, The Go Rounds, and Samantha Cooper! Also on the bill are our good friends The Sacred Strays from Grand Rapids, The Infamous G'itis Baggs, Birdfingers, and the captivating Fiona Dickinson. Email Andy to put your name on "the list", which will get you in at the door. In other news, check out the Cobalt Mexican Wolves perform with The Soil & The Sun and Filmloom at The Pyramid Scheme in GR. Friday, December 14th. Details here: Ooo, ooo, Baby babay we're excited for the next year! Several albums of new material being polished for release, and much more on the books in the months to come.

    Updated: Thursday November 14th, 2013

  • Newest Compilation
    The Call Of Double Phelix

    Dropped 8/13/13

    After months of painstaking writing, arranging, recording, and mixing double Phelix has dropped unto the world our second compilation, THE CALL OF DOUBLE PHELIX. The high fidelity analog recording and heavily prepared arrangement provide a stark contrast to our more endearingly ramshackled 'The Science of Double Phelix', released fall 2012. We're incredibly excited and it would seem that we aren't the only ones.
    Double Phelix To Release Compilation
    Album Featuring Lasso’s “Tangolassi”
    - Speak Into My Good Eye

    The Call of the Wild:
    Double Phelix Edition - C Magazine

    Double Phelix Photo Session - Earthworks
    Purchase The Call OF Double Phelix

    Updated: Thursday August 15th, 2013

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    On National

    Double Phelix Crew
    Lindsey's Photos
    Many thanks to Lindsey Sladek for the great photo and including us in the project!

    Updated: Tuesday January 29th, 2013